Berit Ruud Retzer
Berit Ruud Retzer was born in Oslo, Norway. In the 1970`s she moved to Bonn in Germany where she studied German and founded a translation office for the Scandinavian languages.

Later she moved to the United States where she studied journalistic at the Harvard University in Boston. Since 1986 she lives in The Hague, Netherlands and works as freelance journalist for Norwegian papers and as a lecture for literature at the International Baccalaureate.

During that time she met Jens Evensen, who lived from 1985 to 1993 in The Hague. The biography about Jens Evensen is her first book.
Number 2 in the Norwegian Tanum bestseller list
fall 1999
Sylvei Evensen, Berit Ruud Retzer and Jens Evensen on Evensen`s traditional sailing boat  Sydvesten
Jens Evensen and Berit Ruud Retzer in The Hauge
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